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The EUTRAF project is a unique European Network of highly successful investigators who have common interest in the pathophysiology and treatment of AF.

By integrating the mutually complementary strengths and expertise from molecular and cellular electrophysiology to the study of large cohort of patients this network will develop the most modern approaches toward increasing knowledge of the arrhythmogenic substrate, with the ultimate goal of developing novel treatments and diagnostic tools.

Project Timeline

  • 2014November 2014 – 4th Annual meetingThe 48 month (4th Year review meeting) of the EUTRAF project was held on the 7 and 8 November 2014 at the RUHR TURM Hotel. The meeting was hosted by UNIVERSITAETSKLINIKUM ESSEN.
  • 2014February 2014 – Newsletter CirculatedFirst issue of the EUTRAF newsletter circulated.
  • 2013November 2013 – 3rd Annual Meeting3rd annual project review takes place.
  • 2013June 2013 – Svetlana Reilly Receives PrizeSvetlana Reilly receives a Young Research Workers Prize for her oral presentation: “Dystrophin-dependent loss of myocardial nNOS creates an electrical substrate for atrial fibrillation (AF)”.
  • 2012October 2012 – 2nd Annual Meeting2nd annual project meeting takes place at Birmingham University.
  • 2012March 2012 – Month 18 MeetingThe month 18 project meeting takes place in Frankfurt.
  • 2011October 2011 – Month 12 MeetingThe month 12 project meeting takes place at University of Maastricht.
  • 2011January 2011 – Project Kick OffThe EUTRAF kick off meeting took place at St George’s University of London.
  • 2010November 2010 – Project LaunchOn 1st November 2010, the European Commission launched a new large scale collaborative project aiming at improvement of patient care in patients with atrial fibrillation.