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body could make the person become iron deficient. Serum ferritin : indicates the amount of iron stored in the body, via the protein ferritin. Hyperferritinemia means high ferritin in the blood). Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is regarded as the leading cause of vision loss for people over the age. Iron contributes to the leading causes of vision loss. The answer is that a genetic mutation has turned off the bodys ability to make ferritin in response to changing iron levels. But how can the bodys storage sites for iron be full without iron overflowing into other organs? Deferiprone can protect the retinas of mice by entering the retina and removing iron from it, said Dunaief, whose lab is currently testing additional drugs to prevent iron accumulation in the eye. Transferrin-iron saturation percentage (TS) : a measure of iron donne che cercano uomini a san luis potosi foto amatoriali di coppie carried by the protein transferrin in the serum; represented by fasting serum iron divided by total iron binding capacity (tibc multiplied by 100. A liver biopsy will show that the patient does not have iron overload.

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