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Xention Ltd

Xention Ltd has developed a world-class capability and core expertise in ion channel drug discovery and development and has a number of discovery and clinical-stage programmes in the therapeutic areas of atrial fibrillation, overactive bladder, chronic-inflammatory diseases, and pain.

Contact: Dr. James M

James Milnes PhD, is a Principal Scientist at Xention Ltd. working on the discovery and development of new anti-arrhythmic drugs from the treatment of  atrial fibrillation (AF). He has over 8 years experience in biotech drug discovery and 18 years experience in cardiac cellular electrophysiology.

James is Project Director on Xention’s IKACh AF anti-arrhythmic programme and was also lead biologist on the Xention’s IKur/Kv1.5 AF anti-arrhythmic drug discovery programme, that identified the drug  XEN-D0103, which is  currently in Phase 2 clinical trials. He has lead drug discovery programmes in the area of diabetes, autoimmune disease and chronic inflammation. His previous academic research interests include calcium-handling abnormaliities in cardiac hypertrophy and hERG ion channel pharmacology.

James graduated from the University of Bristol and obtained his PhD from the University of London (National Heart & Lung Institute, Imperial College).